Joseph Battir interviews Frode Odegard

June 23, 2022

Dr. Joseph Battir  of the Energy Transition Solutions podcast at the Oil and Gas Global Network interviewed Frode Odegard, CEO and Founder of the Post-Industrial Institute, about the post-industrial transition, the need for new management thinking, and the implications for the energy sector. 

Joseph is a Senior Geothermal Geoscientist at Petrolern and host of OGGN’s podcast, Low Carbon Solutions. While he is a Ph.D., in true Geologist fashion, he just goes by Joe. Born and raised outside Chicago, Illinois, Joe found an appreciation for natural resources at a young age, first touring a Vulcan aggregate quarry in 4th grade, and later living across the river from the Exxon Mobil Joliet refinery and Dresden Nuclear Power Plant. This led Joe to study Geology with a focus on geothermal energy. This interest in geothermal energy took Joe from Chicago to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale (B.Sc., Geology), then to the University of Akureyri (M.Sc., Renewable Energy Science) in Iceland, and finally to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX (Ph.D., Geophysics), where he now resides with his wife and son. Joe has worked with the mining industry, geothermal industry, and oil and gas industry on resource exploration and geothermal energy utilization, and has conducted large scale research for local, state, and federal level government entities.

About Frode Odegard

Frode studies how enterprises, investors, and policymakers can best navigate the transition to a post-industrial civilization and economy. He is the founder of the Post-Industrial Institute, which provides advisory, educational, and strategic services to corporates and investors to help them turn disruption into opportunity. Frode is also the founder of the Post-Industrial Forum, a global community formed to develop and promote a better understanding of the post-industrial transition and how to navigate it. Its members include investors, executives, founders, and policymakers.

Frode is the author of a forthcoming book on the post-industrial transition and regularly speaks to international corporate and investor audiences. A serial entrepreneur since his high school years, Frode’s multi-disciplinary background stretches from theoretical computer science to the boardroom. He has a passion for history, linguistics, disruptive technologies, philosophy, and Iwama-style Aikido.