We stand by our values in word and deed. We seek consistency between ideas and action. We strive to ensure that ideas match reality, and that ideas themselves are consistent. We run our business with the same principles we teach our clients. We are not afraid to take a controversial stand.


Honesty is the refusal to fake reality in any way. It entails taking the initiative to understand what is really going on and why. We do not tolerate the irrational, evasion of reality, or the denial of facts. When there is a disagreement, reason wins the day, always.


We believe that respect for individual rights should be the foundation for good governance and that it is a necessary condition for human flourishing. We will not do work undermining political or economic freedom anywhere. 


We strive to provide an environment where the smartest, most creative people will want to work, play, and learn. Our people are our most important asset, and the source of all value we create. We recognize that people need to rejuvenate and pursue values outside of work to be at their best when they do work.


We value reflection, learning, analysis, and debate, but not for their own own sake. In the service of our purpose, we are above all Doers. When we decide, we execute. When we execute, we do it with discipline and precision. We manage our commitments with transparency and integrity. We learn from our mistakes.

Respect for Clients

We listen to our clients with genuine interest and empathy. We build collaborative working relationships with mutual responsibility for success. We are trusted advisors to our clients and act with client value in mind. We treat clients with the care and respect that they deserve.

Great Work

It is not enough for us to just do good work and do it well, nor are we satisfied with incremental improvements. We aim higher, in pursuit of what will truly change the game and remake the world. We seek to do GREAT work, projects that truly make a difference for ourselves, our clients, and our partners. We always want to dig deeper and go further.