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Special Silicon Valley Event


Management thinking

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thinking and

tools for

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Navigating the post-industrial transition

Navigating the

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Transformation Trade-offs

Much has been written about the need for enterprise transformation and the obstacles that leaders invariably face. Many look for the One Best Way (a la Frederick Taylor) to achieve transformations, but the awkward truth is that leaders always have to make trade-offs along the way. In this article, we review some critical decisions that leaders must make, and discuss factors we think worthy of their consideration.


Joseph Battir & Frode Odegard

Dr. Joseph Battir of the Energy Transition Solutions podcast at the Oil and Gas Global Network interviewed Frode Odegard, CEO and Founder of the Post-Industrial Institute, about the post-industrial transition, the need for new management thinking, and the implications for the energy sector. 

White Paper

Digital Myopia
and the Coming of

Exponential technologies are invalidating long-held assumptions about jobs, firms, industries, and whole economies. Agility and adaptation are necessary to survival and flourishing for investors, companies and nation states. They are not sufficient, however. Leaders need to better understand the nature of the changes that are occurring. These changes are much more profound than most of us realize.

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