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Transformation Obstacles

There is a widespread realization that improving operational efficiency and new adding offerings will not be enough. Where to go from there is not so obvious.  There are three fundamental questions about transformations that leaders must answer convincingly…


Leading the Unwilling

54% of millennials changed their career path in the last two years. Even as Covid restrictions are now being reduced in many jurisdictions, many are unwilling to return to their pre-pandemic work lives. In the emerging post-industrial work landscape, how can leaders persuade people to stay and pursue the organization’s goals?

White Paper

Digital Myopia
and the Coming of

Exponential technologies are invalidating long-held assumptions about jobs, firms, industries, and whole economies. Agility and adaptation are necessary to survival and flourishing for investors, companies and nation states. They are not sufficient, however. Leaders need to better understand the nature of the changes that are occurring. These changes are much more profound than most of us realize.

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The Institute develops new management thinking and tools to help you navigate a rapidly changing world. We are focused on the transition to a post-industrial economy and culture, characterized by exponential technologies in combination with rapid decentralization. The pandemic accelerated the transition, but also brought new constraints and uncertainties.

Entire industries are being transformed and new industries are being born. We believe we need to fundamentally change our thinking about firms, work, strategy, and governance. Our goal with our research and advisory work, and with this newsletter, is to help you connect the dots and chart a better strategy going forward.

The Post-Industrialist is published twice a month to an audience of PE and venture investors, founders, senior corporate exercutives, and policymakers. We keep it brief to share our perspectives with you in a condensed format.