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Our culture

We seek people who share our values and who have a deep desire to develop fundamental new insights and tools for building the firms and industries of the future.

We are not just researchers; we are doers. We advise investors, corporate leaders, founders, and policymakers. We learn from the field, improving practice with better theory, and building better theory through innovative practice.

Ours is a hands-on culture. We care less about titles than we care about trust, collaboration, and results. Continuous self-improvement is taken as a given, as is sharing knowledge and insight with others.

Being multi-lingual and having experience with multiple national/work cultures is a must. We take a broad multi-disciplinary perspective and we celebrate cognitive diversity; we don’t care where you are from, but we do care about what you can teach us, about pretty much anything relevant to our mission.


We are seeking experienced innovation and strategy advisors who can work with investor and corporate clients in London, Silicon Valley, and other locations. Ideal candidates have a hybrid background comprising technology, business strategy, governance, leadership, and organizational change. You should be comfortable working with board members, CEOs, investors, and policymakers. You should also have a track record of helping create real change, and of effectively communicating ideas.

We have office space in Silicon Valley and London as needed, but much of this work is likely to be hybrid and/or remote. 

For more information, please contact our CEO, Frode Odegard, at
frode.odegard at