About the Post-Industrial Forum

A Community for Visionary Leaders
Building the Organizations of the Future

For the first time in the history of humanity, we have exponential technology development coupled with massive decentralization. Rapid progress in Artificial Intelligence is further accelerating these trends.

We believe that humanity is experiencing a profound change, on an anthropological level. We are transitioning to a post-industrial civilization, and many industrial-era assumptions about jobs, organizations, and industries are becoming obsolete.

Brought to you by the Post-Industrial Institute in collaboration with industry and academic partners, the Post-Industrial Forum brings together leaders building the organizations of the future. Our purpose is to connect the dots and find smarter ways to navigate the changes now taking place.

Forum members build relationships with other pioneering practitioners, get introductions to invited speakers, enjoy  access to exclusive content and events, and participate in post-industrial management research and education.  Organizational members include Hyundai, MARA, Siemens, Broadcom, Swisscom, Tech Mahindra, and SRI.

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