The AI Transformation

The Post-Industrial Institute welcomes you to our first annual summit in Silicon Valley. Our mission is to develop new management thinking and tools for organizations in the 21st century.

Join 200 fellow enterprise leaders focused on AI and Organizational Transformation, learn about the latest AI insights and technology, and build an AI Transformation Roadmap.


The New Transformation Landscape

    • AI Everywhere, Rapid Industry Disruption
    • Decentralized Work Empowered by AI
    • Geopolitics and Supply Chains
    • Reinventing Legacy Industries
    • Industries of the Future

AI Platforms & Applications

    • The Future of AI Platforms (hardware and software)
    • Faster Innovation with AI Copilots
    • AI in Customer Acquisition and Support
    • Intelligent Assistants and Social AI

Building the Post-Industrial Enterprise

    • Accelerating Transformation Efforts
    • Autonomous and Decentralized Organizations
    • Incubating AI Ventures
    • AI and Organizational Culture
    • Building an AI Transformation Roadmap
  • Connect with 200 transformation leaders
  • Practical AI insights for faster change
  • Learn about AI tech and strategies
  • Build an AI Transformation Roadmap

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