Post-Industrial Summit 2023:
The AI Transformation

Menlo Park, CA
October 30-31, 2023


Monday, October 30

3:00 PM: Registration and Happy Hour Mixer
Enjoy meeting fellow delegates at the SRI Innovation Center.

6:00 PM: Dinner
We will dine in SRI’s historic Dining Hall.

6:15 PM: Welcoming Remarks
SRI President Dr. Suresh Sunderrajan

6:25 PM Fireside Chat: The New Transformation Landscape
Enterprises face a unique combination of circumstances. Our geopolitical situation is worrisome, inflation and interest rate hikes have impacted growth, and the transition to hybrid work continues to challenge many firms. At the same time, AI holds the promise of revolutionizing productivity, transforming industries, and impacting virtually every area of human endeavor. How can leaders better understand and navigate the risks and opportunities in this landscape?

Dr. Trond Undheim
Research Scholar
Stanford Existential Risk Initiative

Lt. Col. David Vernal (Ret.)
Sloan Fellow, Stanford Global School of Business
Fmr. National Security Council

Moderator: Frode Odegard, CEO, Post-Industrial Institute

7:30 PM Close

Tuesday, October 31

8:00 AM: Registration and Continental Breakfast
Network with fellow delegates at the SRI Innovation Center and get ready for an exciting day!

9:00 AM: Welcoming Remarks [Auditorium]
Dr. Suresh Sunderrajan, President Commercialization, SRI International

9:05 AM: Keynote: The Post-Industrial Enterprise [Auditorium]
Frode Odegard, CEO, Post-Industrial Institute

Decentralization and AI will fundamentally change how organizations are designed, led, and developed. What will future organizations look like and how do we get there?

9:25 AM: Keynote: The AI Boom [Auditorium]
Jeremiah Owyang
Founder, Crowd Companies

We will hear about how AI will accelerate human productivity, yield huge breakthroughs in R&D, and change how we work and live. The economic impact of AI will be far more dramatic that what most people can imagine today.

9:50 AM: Industries in Transformation [Auditorium]
Session Chair:
Deborah Magid, fmr. IBM Ventures

Jay Onda, Director (Venture Investments)
Marubeni Ventures, Inc.

Kei Oshini
CEO and MD, Yamaha Motor Ventures

Dr. Zafer Sahinoglu, General Manager,
Mitsubishi Electric Innovation Center

What industries will see the most visible impact by AI in the next few years, which ones may be laggards, and where are the biggest opportunities for using AI to reinvent industries? We will discuss how to play defense (if your core industry is being disrupted) and offense (how to use AI to move in on competitors).

10:40 AM: Coffee and Networking
Connect with fellow delegates.

11:00 AM: Keynote: The Future of AI Platforms [Auditorium]
We will explore what we can expect from AI platforms over the next few years.
We will discuss:
• promises and limits of LLMs
• hybrid approaches
• linking LLMs to other components
• hardware architectures
• AI and Edge Computing
• What comes after Generative AI?

11:00 AM: Breakout: Faster Innovation with AI Copilots [Innovation Center]
Session Chair:
Stefan Petzov, VP of Innovation
Swisscom Silicon Valley Outpost

We will discuss the impact of AI on innovation and product development. Just how much productivity improvement is possible? Will we find solutions that humans would not have discovered?

11:00 AM: AI as the Human Interface for Organizations [Dining Hall]
In this session, we will discuss how AIs can serve as the face of the enterprise, from customer acquisition to support. What’s possible today, what are the downsides, and where will we be in three years?  What are early adopters doing to manage the risks?

Dr. Edgar Kalns
Specialist Leader, Conversational AI and Generative AI
Deloitte Consulting

Dr. Sohini Roychowdhury
Head of ML/Generative AI

Carlos Quezada
VP of Customer Experience Strategy, Automation & Enablement
HP Enterprise

12:00 Lunch [Dining Hall]
Connect with fellow delegates

1:00 PM: Transformation in the Global 2000s
Keynote Speaker: Laureen Knudsen, Chief Transformation Officer, Broadcom

We will dive into research on the transformation efforts of large enterprises. What are the most important factors influencing their efforts? What are their goals and priorities? Their biggest failures and successes? How are technologies like Generative AI influencing transformations?

2:00 PM: Building an AI-Capable Workforce [Innovation Center]
We will discuss must enterprises do now to ensure that employees and managers are prepared to exploit the full potential of AI tools.  We will also discuss strategies for recruiting AI talent in today’s competitive landscape.

Heather Jerrehian
VP of Product Mgt.., Employee Workflows

2:00 PM: Decentralized, Autonomous Organizations [Dining Hall]
We will explore decentralization in the enterprise and how AI will impact this trend. The Internet and the Covid-19 pandemic contributed to a dramatic decentralization of work, with as many as 27% of workdays now being performed at home. Enterprises are still struggling with “hybrid work” to find the right mix. Organizational structures are also characterized by how much autonomy we give teams and individuals, independently of where they work.  

2:00 PM: Incubating New Ventures with AI [Auditorium]
We will discuss the role of AI in new venture incubation. AI can be used both to improve the productivity of the venture development process and as a key component in the product or service itself.

3:00 PM: Coffee and Networking
Connect with fellow delegates

3:30 PM: Leading Successful AI Transformations [Auditorium]
This keynote will explore the major leadership challenges that leaders face as AI begins to change the way we work. How do we move quickly enough to retain or improve our competitive position? How do we communicate clearly and set motivating goals? How does AI fit into the overall transformation(s) of the enterprise?

4:00 PM: Building an AI Transformation Strategy [Auditorium]
In this final session, we will put the pieces together and discuss how to combine the various elements into an actionable strategy for transforming the enterprise using AI.

Session Chair
Frode Odegard, CEO
Post-Industrial Institute

Laureen Knudsen
Chief Transformation Officer, Broadcom

Dr. Manish Kothari
Founder and MP, First Spark Ventures

5:00 PM: Happy Hour
Connect with fellow delegates

6:30 PM: Close

This agenda is subject to minor alterations over the next few weeks.
More speakers to be announced shortly.

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