Monday, October 30

3:00 PM: Registration and Happy Hour Mixer

Enjoy meeting fellow delegates at the SRI Innovation Center.

6:00 PM: Dinner

We will dine in SRI’s historic Dining Hall.

6:15 PM: Welcoming Remarks: The SRI AI Legacy

Dr. Suresh Sunderrajan
President, Commercialization
SRI International

6:25 PM Fireside Chat: The New Transformation Landscape

Enterprises face a unique combination of circumstances. Our geopolitical situation is worrisome, inflation and interest rate hikes have impacted growth, and the transition to hybrid work continues to challenge many firms. At the same time, AI holds the promise of revolutionizing productivity, transforming industries, and impacting virtually every area of human endeavor. How can leaders better understand and navigate the risks and opportunities in this landscape?


Dr. Trond Undheim
Research Scholar
Stanford Existential Risk Initiative

Col. David Vernal (Ret.)
Sloan Fellow, Stanford GSB
Fmr. National Security Council

Frode Odegard
CEO, Post-Industrial Institute

7:30 PM Close

Tuesday, October 31

8:00 AM: Registration and Continental Breakfast

Network with fellow delegates at the SRI Innovation Center and get ready for an exciting day!

9:00 AM: Welcoming Remarks

Dr. Suresh Sunderrajan
President Commercialization
SRI International

9:05 AM: Keynote: The Post-Industrial Enterprise

Decentralization and AI will fundamentally change how organizations are designed, led, and developed. What will future organizations look like and how do we get there?

Frode Odegard
CEO, Post-Industrial Institute

9:25 AM: Keynote: The AI Boom

The economic and cultural impact of AI will be far more dramatic than what most people can imagine today. We will hear about how AI will accelerate human productivity, yield huge breakthroughs in R&D, and change how we work and live. 

Jeremiah Owyang
Founder & Investor

9:50 AM: Industries in Transformation

What industries will see the most visible impact by AI in the next few years, which ones may be laggards, and where are the biggest opportunities for using AI to reinvent industries? We will discuss how to play defense (if your core industry is being disrupted) and offense (how to use AI to outpace competitors).

Session Chair:

Deborah Magid
CEO, Innovation Now
Fmr. IBM Ventures

Jay Onda
Director (Venture Investments)
Marubeni Ventures, Inc.

Kei Oshini
CEO and MD
Yamaha Motor Ventures

Dr. Zafer Sahinoglu
General Manager,
Mitsubishi Electric Innovation Center

10:40 AM: Coffee and Networking

Connect with fellow delegates.

11:00 AM: Keynote: The Future of AI Platforms

We will explore the capabilities we can expect from AI platforms over the next few years:
• promises and limits of LLMs
• hybrid approaches
• linking LLMs to other components
• hardware architectures
• AI and Edge Computing
• What comes after Generative AI?

Alfred Shen
Lead Generative AI Specialist
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

11:30 AM: AIs as the Interface to Organizations

It is becoming clear that AIs will increasingly act as the face of the enterprise, from customer acquisition to support. What’s possible today, what are the downsides, and where will we be in three years?  What are early adopters doing to manage the risks?

Session Chair:

Julianna DeLua
Principal Specialist, AI/ML
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Dr. Sohini Roychowdhury
Head of ML/Generative AI

Dr. Edgar Kalns
Specialist Leader, Conversational AI and Generative AI
Deloitte Consulting

11:30 AM: Breakout: Faster Innovation with AI Assistants 

In this session, we will explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in boosting innovation and accelerating product development. What is the upper limit of productivity enhancements? Can AI offer novel solutions that transcend human imagination?

Session Chair:

Stefan Petzov, VP of Innovation
Swisscom Silicon Valley Outpost

William Zeng,

12:30 Lunch

Connect with fellow delegates and enjoy a proper lunch in the SRI Historic Dining Hall.

1:30 PM: Keynote: Transformation in the Global 2000s

In this afternoon keynote, we will dive into research on the transformation efforts of large enterprises. What are the most important factors influencing their efforts? What are their goals and priorities? Their biggest failures and successes? How are technologies like Generative AI influencing transformations?

Laureen Knudsen
Chief Transformation Officer

2:00 PM: Incubating New Ventures with AI

In this session, we will explore what happens when we use Generative AI to dramatically accelerate new venture incubation. AI will be used both to improve the productivity of the venture development process and as a key component in the product or service itself.

Jan Beránek

Founder, Group CEO

2:00 PM: Decentralized, Autonomous Organizations

We will explore decentralization in the enterprise and how AI will impact this trend. The Internet and the Covid-19 pandemic contributed to a dramatic decentralization of work, with as many as 27% of workdays now being performed at home. Enterprises are still struggling with “hybrid work” to find the right mix. Organizational structures are also characterized by how much autonomy we give teams and individuals, independently of where they work.

2:00 PM: Building an AI-Capable Workforce

Enterprises face a shortage of AI talent and AI literacy challenges as well. We will discuss how ensure that employees and managers are prepared to exploit the full potential of AI tools.  We will also look at strategies for recruiting AI talent in today’s competitive landscape.

Session Chair:

Dr. Pandian Angaiyan
Chief Technology Officer
Tech Mahindra

Heather Jerrehian
VP of Product Mgt.., Employee Workflows

3:00 PM: Coffee and Networking

Connect with fellow delegates.

3:30 PM: Leading Successful AI Transformations

This keynote will explore the major leadership challenges that leaders face as AI begins to change the way we work. How do we move quickly enough to retain or improve our competitive position? How do we communicate clearly and set motivating goals? How does AI fit into the overall transformation(s) of the enterprise?

4:00 PM: Building an AI Transformation Strategy 

In this final session, we will put the pieces together and discuss how to combine the various elements into an actionable strategy for transforming the enterprise using AI.

Session Chair:

Frode Odegard, CEO
Post-Industrial Institute


Laureen Knudsen
Chief Transformation Officer, Broadcom

Dr. Manish Kothari
Founder and MP, First Spark Ventures
Past President, SRI International

5:00 PM: Happy Hour

Connect with fellow delegates.

Frode Odegard

Frode Odegard studies how enterprises, investors, and policymakers can best navigate the transition to a post-industrial civilization and economy. He is the founder of the Post-Industrial Institute, which provides advisory, educational, and strategic services to corporates and investors to help them turn disruption into opportunity. Frode is also the founder of the Post-Industrial Forum, a global community formed to develop and promote a better understanding of the post-industrial transition and how to navigate it. Its members include investors, executives, founders, and policymakers.

Suresh Sunderrajan

Suresh Sunderrajan brings over 25 years of experience and a passion for innovation at the intersection of technology and business. He focuses on developing SRI’s commercialization strategy and provides overall leadership for the institute’s commercialization efforts. Sunderrajan oversees SRI Ventures, Global Partnerships, the Nomura-SRI Innovation Center (NSIC), SRI Products and the Center for Innovation Strategy and Policy (CISP). Previous to SRI, Sunderrajan was Associate Laboratory Director for Advanced Energy Technologies at Argonne National Laboratory. He earned a doctorate in chemical engineering from North Carolina State University and a master’s degree in system design and management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Sunderrajan holds more than 30 U.S. patents and has received the Distinguished Inventor Award at Eastman Kodak.

Laureen Knudsen

Laureen has led enterprise transformations in four global companies. She works with industry leaders and internal experts to define the future of business and bring Lean principles to all parts of an organization, focusing on optimizing end-to-end value stream flows, removing waste, and ensuring executives can make data-driven decisions.nLaureen is the Co-Author of Modern Business Management: Creating a Built-to-Change Organization. Laureen is a Forbes Technology Council Member and she is also on the Forbes 2021 Top 100 Women in Tech list.

Dr. Trond Undheim

Trond is a futurist, scholar, podcaster, and venture partner, and an expert on the evolution of technology and society. He is a Research Scholar in Global Systemic Risk, Innovation, and Policy at the Stanford Existential Risk Initiative (SERI) at the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC), Stanford University. He is also a venture partner at Antler, and a co-founder of technology foresight consulting firm Yegii. Formerly with Tulip Interfaces, Hitachi Ventures, MIT, WPP, Oracle, and the EU, Trond is the co-author (with Natan Linder) of Augmented Lean (2022), he is the author of Health Tech (2021), Future Tech (2021), Pandemic Aftermath (2020), Disruption Games (2020), and Leadership From Below (2008). He hosts the Futurized podcast and is a Forbes columnist in manufacturing.nTrond’s work has featured in a variety of business, industrial, and mainstream media, including The Boston Globe, NPR’s Cognoscenti, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, IndustryWeek, and MIT News. He holds a Ph.D. on the future of work and artificial intelligence and is based between Wellesley, MA, and Palo Alto, CA.

Lt. Col. David Vernal (Ret.)

David Vernal is a retired Air Force colonel with experience in intelligence and cyber operations. He participated in electronic warfare operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the counter-terror fight in Iraq and Syria, the growth of cyber operations, supporting nuclear planning and command-and-control at U.S. Strategic Command, and managing policy deliberations as part of the National Security Council staff. His final active-duty assignment was as Director of Intelligence for Sixteenth Air Force, the service’s information warfare headquarters.nCurrently a Sloan Fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, David is studying the applications of Large Language Models for national security applications. He holds a bachelor’s degree in East Asian Studies from Harvard University and a master’s in Taiwan Studies from National Chengchi University, where he studied as a Department of Defense Olmsted Scholar.

Jeremiah Owyang

Jeremiah Owyang is a keynote speaker who brings industry insights, easy to understand visual frameworks, relevant examples and pragmatic recommendations to audiences around the world.nHis insightful analysis, pragmatic recommendations, and dynamic presentations have made him a sought-after speaker at conferences and corporate events worldwide. Known for his ability to distill complex concepts into clear, actionable insights, Jeremiah ensures that audiences leave with a deeper understanding of the digital landscape than when they arrived.nJeremiah’s speaking engagements have spanned prestigious events and organizations, including SXSW, Dreamforce, Oracle Open World, Swiss Economic Forum, and at corporate HQs including Nestle, BMW, Coke, Walmart, Visa, Wells Fargo, Airbnb, Pfizer, J&J, Whole Foods, and more. He operates from a backyard Airstream in Silicon Valley, a unique workspace that has been featured in USA Today.

Deborah Magid

Deborah Magid represents IBM’s high growth software and hardware businesses in the company’s IBM Ventures. She is responsible for sharing insights about emerging markets, technologies, and business models with venture firms and entrepreneurs around the world. She also brings insight from the venture community to the development of IBM’s growth strategies. Deborah is responsible for fueling IBM’s ecosystem pipeline in high growth strategic areas such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, sustainability, security, analytics, and cloud computing; and contributes to filling out the IBM product portfolio through M&A. She leads the IBM team of venture partners based in innovation ecosystems around the world.nDeborah is based in Silicon Valley. Her relationships are global and extend into emerging geographies. Deborah is a frequent spokesperson on topics of relevance to entrepreneurs and investors, such as open innovation, disruptions in various industries, ESG and climate, women in technology and trends in investing. She is a former board director and past Chair of Silicon Valley Forum, and a member of the Corporate Venture Advisory Board of the NVCA.

Stefan Petzov

Stefan Petzov is leading Swisscom’s Innovation Lab in Silicon Valley. In this role, he is responsible for identifying and evaluating new technologies and services. Stefan is also responsible for strategic innovation initiatives and works closely with the senior leadership to ensure that Swisscom is always at the forefront of innovation.

Manish Kohtari

Prior to co-founding First Spark Ventures, Manish was President at SRI International, leading research institute in Silicon Valley and the birthplace of companies such as Intuitive Surgical, Nuance, and Siri. He incubated and invested in over 25 Deep Tech startups, in addition to advising translational programs with the US Government that include agencies such as NASA and Department of Education. Prior to that, he was serial entrepreneur in Medtech and software, including cofounding Mytrus, software startup focused on direct-to-participant clinical trials. It was the first company in the world to have FDA approved electronic informed consent. Manish has a postdoc from UCSF in Medical Physics, a PhD from Cornell in Bioengineering, and undergraduate from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai in Aerospace Engineering.

Jay Onda

Jay has been building his career on the forefront of innovation, technology, and design, to make visions of the future a reality. As a Director at Marubeni Ventures, Jay is supporting the growth and scale of their corporate venturing activities. He is focusing on a wide range of thematics from Web3, Data/AI, to Sustainability; sourcing companies from Seed to Series B on the Horizon 3 time scale. nMarubeni is one of the world’s largest trading companies in Japan with a global network. Their business groups include Consumer Products (Lifestyle, Food, Ag); Materials (wood, chemicals, metals, and minerals); Energy & Infrastructure; Transportation and Machinery. nJay Onda was formally with Orange Silicon Valley focusing on their Startup Investment activities focusing on various strategic areas including AI, Machine Learning, Connectivity, 5G, Logistics and Smart Cities, B2B Enterprise, and Impact related themes. nJay was a founding member of Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley (YMVSV) where he serves as Venture Partner and Director of Strategic Investments in Menlo Park, California. Jay has also worked with various corporations to identify key up and coming trends, build strategy, and has executed award winning PoC’s and NRE’s by collaborating with startup companies around the world. He is also an active supporter of Start Up Accelerators and participates as a mentor and advisor. Through his activity as a Corporate Venture Capitalist, he has deeply engaged in the start up community, many which have been acquired or are on the path of IPO. nEarly in his career, he worked as a Designer, UI/UX Engineer, and Product Manager. His focus on usability and user centric design has contributed to the growth and success of companies he has worked for.

Dr. Edgar Kalns

Edgar is a Generative AI principal architect at Deloitte Consulting. His expertise comprises conceptualizing, architecting, and leading teams to deliver leading-edge solutions in Generative AI, Conversational AI, Speech Analytics, and Natural Language Processing. Over his 26 years in the field, Edgar has been at the forefront of building and innovating products at scale that delight millions of consumers.nEdgar has held senior technical leadership positions at SRI International (the birthplace of Siri), [247] .ai, and Nuance Communications. Edgar holds 7 U.S. patents in Conversational AI and multi-modal interfaces and a Ph.D. in Computer Science. He is a frequent speaker at industry forums on Deep Learning, Conversational, and Generative AI.

Heather Jerrehian

Heather Jerrehian is the VP of Product Management for Employee Workflows at ServiceNow, leading the data science team in delivering next generation AI solutions and Workforce Intelligence products.  She is the former CEO of Hitch (acquired by ServiceNow) and has been a tech executive and serial entrepreneur for 20+ years, bringing an innovative and strategic approach for building new products and GTM strategies.nShe is a Founding LP for How Women Invest, and recently rang the closing bell at NASDAQ to kick off The New Table campaign to get 10,000 more women to the investment table.  Heather serves on Fast Company’s Executive Board and was named a Silicon Valley Women of Influence and Watermark’s Senior Executive of the Year.