The Post-Industrialist Podcast

Meet the pioneers building the future.

In this podcast we will speak with leaders who are breaking new ground, transforming enterprises, and building the industries of the future.

Humanity is transitioning to a post-industrial civilization. This transition is characterized by rapid decentralization and increasing control of organic and inorganic matter. Exponential progress in computing has fueled progress in innumerable fields. 

Large enterprises struggle to innovate faster as industries transform, with or without them. AI, robotics, sensors, and extended reality is helping us connect the physical and the digital planet-wide. We are learning to build sophisticated and resilient systems-of-systems using Edge Computing. Manufacturing is being localized, and we are starting to see the emergence of microfactories that can make anything, in small volumes.

thriving space industry is taking us into orbit and beyond. Billions of people can access the sum of human knowledge from a handheld device with the power of yesterday’s supercomputers, and we can all collaborate and innovate. Forty percent of Americans now work from home.

Challenges abound as well. Geopolitical divisions are leading to a fracturing world, and authoritarianism is holding back progress in many countries. We are coming out of a pandemic that killed millions and led to unprecedented government intervention in many industries.  We face the worst inflation in forty years, an innovation-hostile regulatory climate, and an energy crisis.

We will interview the pioneers who are able to overcome these challenges and learn about their achievements, their struggles, and their secrets.  

About your host

Frode Odegard is the Founder and CEO of the Post-Industrial Institute, which helps investors and enterprises accelerate innovation and renewal. He studies how enterprises, investors, and policymakers can best navigate the transition to a post-industrial civilization and economy.

Frode is also the founder of the Post-Industrial Forum, a global community formed to develop and promote a better understanding of the post-industrial transition and how to navigate it. Its members include investors, executives, founders, and policymakers.

Frode is the author of a forthcoming book on the post-industrial transition. He regularly speaks to international corporate and investor audiences. He has a passion for history, linguistics, technology, philosophy, and Iwama-style Aikido.