Advisory Services:
Enterprise Transformation

Advisory services:
Enterprise Transformation

We help you develop and execute
a post-industrial transformation strategy


Mature enterprises are facing unprecedented and accelerating technology disruption, both from startups and from other large companies. In responses, executives are seeking to accelerate organizational renewal. They are launching  digital transformation initiatives, automating processes, and improving the digital customer experience. They are also  acquiring new businesses, investing in corporate venturing, and setting up incubators.

Enterprise transformation is no easy task.  Corporations must compete with startups and Big Tech for talent. Leaders find themselves battling inertia and lack of urgency for change. In many cases, management teams and boardrooms lack technology experience. Customer, suppliers, and partners may lag even further behind — or they are ahead, in which case the company is playing catch-up.  Resource allocation can also be a challenge. While a majority of executives believe that their companies are facing significant risk of technology disruption, eighty percent of innovation spending is focused on incremental innovation.

For the first time in the history of the human species, we are experiencing exponential technology development coupled with rapid decentralization. This represents a transition to a post-industrial economy. Many of the assumptions behind how enterprises are structured and operate are becoming invalidated. The Covid-19 pandemic also accelerated many aspects of decentralization. Successful enterprise transformation efforts must take this into account, they cannot merely use technology to “modernize” the organization that exists.  

We help enterprises develop and execute a post-industrial transformation strategy, including:

  • Workshops for executive teams and boards to increase their understanding
  • Assistance in crafting a post-industrial vision and telling the story
  • Assessing and predicting industry disruption challenges and opportunities
  • Rapid organizational redesign assistance to speed transformation

A post-industrial strategy will:

  • Protect against disruption effects (loss of market, profits, talent, investment capital)
  • Help enterprises go on the offensive and evolve faster
  • Attract innovators who want a chance to change the world
  • Grow shareholder from new revenue sources

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Exploring further

Schedule a conversation to talk about your circumstances, objectives, and challenges.

Exploring further

Schedule a conversation to talk about your circumstances, objectives, and challenges.